BreakPoint(R) Self-Adhesive LabelВ tells You If A Vaccine Or Diagnostic Kit Has Been Frozen

In the light of the success of its innovative labels which guarantee the traceability of chilled products (Time-Temperature indicators), CRYOLOG announces the launch of BreakPoint(R), a revolutionary threshold crossing indicator.

Certain vaccines, blood, and diagnosis kits must not be frozen. How can these products, which could be rendered ineffective or dangerous, be detected?

Today, and for the first time, CRYOLOG renders this information accessible in a simple and immediately readable manner. Taking the form of a self-adhesive label, BreakPoint(R) changes colour irreversibly (from white to red) if a product has been frozen.

Up until now, these temperature indicators were reserved for large-scale conditioning (containers, palettes, parcels), but because of their cost and their size, it had never been possible to include them on a more detailed level of conditioningВ : individual doses or dispensing units.

BreakPoint(R) comes in the form of rolls of self-adhesive labels. This form and the unit price mean that for the first time they can be used on individual units, in order to reveal any cases of exposure to negative temperatures.

Renaud Vaillant, CEO of CRYOLOG, said:
“BreakPoint(R) is the fruit of intensive R&D efforts stimulated by the express requirements of our health clients and prospects. This new label integrates perfectly into our range of solutions for the dynamic monitoring of temperature and product quality and confirms the truly innovative position of CRYOLOG in the market for traceability and smart labels.”

As a logical addition to the range of freshness labels which includes TRACEO(R) and (eO)(R), BreakPoint(R) provides a concrete response to the risk that sensitive products may have been frozen.

Currently in the process of being industrialised, the first application of theВ  BreakPoint(R) label will be rolled out in the 4th quarter of 2007, in the health sector.

The BreakPoint(R) technology can be integrated into all types of packaging and placed on any support using a simple labelling gun.


Created in 2002 by Renaud VAILLANT, the current CEO of the company, CRYOLOG develops and markets innovative solutions for the traceability of the cold chain and product freshness.

TRACEO(R), the first product from CRYOLOG, which broke the mould of previous traceability methods, has been applauded on a number of occasions : Concours de l’Innovation from the French Research Ministry, Tremplin Entreprise, Espoirs de l’Economie and recently in the French Packaging “Oscars” in the category “Supply Chain – Traceability”. CRYOLOG currently employs 30 staff.
More information is available from http://www.cryolog.

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